Everyone at the Soulard Market Keep it Down!

Hear the World, the hippie arm of Phonak, the hearing aid maker, sent someone out to popular St. Louis locations to see just how loud they were. They’re results were:

Market Street and Memorial Drive/I-70 Overpass – 86 decibels

Soulard Market – 83 decibels

Washington Loft District – 76 decibels

South Grand and Juniata Street – 75 decibels

The Loop – 73 decibels

Ted Drewes (Chippewa) – 72 decibels

Right away, who the hell cares about the ambient volume of the Market Street overpass? No one hangs out there. The Soulard Market makes sense too since it’s a talking-atmosphere. Washington, South Grand, the Loop all makes sense too simply because of all the traffic there.

Ted Drewes seems low though. Apparently 37 old ladies saying “Ummmmm…oh I don’t know. There’s just so much to choose from!” isn’t as collectively loud as we thought. Come back with an “annoying level” machine next time Hear the World, see if your readings don’t spike then.

…oh and don’t sit the Annoying-meter down next to KSDK’s Mike Bush. The explosion would kill us all.

via STLToday