Kid in Jail for Pretending to be Cop, Now Just Pretending His Butt Doesn’t Hurt

Some silly kid in Highland, Illinois apparently never learned the only acceptable way to pretend to be a police officer: Be a hot girl on Halloween or a stripper any other time of the year. Pulling people over in your Ford Explorer isn’t on that list.

Authorities said received to separate complaints on Oct. 14 related to someone possibly impersonating a police officer.

In both incidents a white male in a Maroon Ford Explorer that was equipped with a dash mounted strobe light pulled someone over in the 14,000 block of Trestle road in Highland, Illinois. In both incidents the suspect identified himself verbally as a “cop” and warned one driver to slow down, while warning a second driver for erratic driving.

What’s the thrill here? Is pulling over someone and telling them that they are driving too fast or erratically while they look back at you with a confused “Why is this ginger kid telling me this?” look on their face really that much of a rush? Did he frisk anyone? Nope. Shoot at stuff? Nope. Beat up a minority without fear of conviction? Nope. Sounds like the only cop stuff he did was the boring parts. Did he go home a fill out “paperwork” after his make believe time too?

Don’t waste your time asking why too much though. He’s a ginger and thus has no soul. The real question is, why the hell anyone would pull over to a maroon Ford Explorer rocking a dashboard strobe light? That’s just asking to raped, shanked, or raped with a shank.

via KMOV