Budweiser Unveils New Can, Making Your Keychain, Shirt, and Inflatable Can No Longer Match Your Actual Beer

Budweiser redesigned their can because it’s much easier to change the paint in the canning machine rather than doing anything about the beer inside. Beer that’s not exactly great, but yet not bad enough to be considered ironic for hipsters. The new design features a cleaner look, one that is less ornate, with a heavier reliance on the color red. The name Budweiser is still written in a cursive script, but now the name is cast in white against a red backdrop instead of blue on white. [Read More]

Stop Putting the Arch in Your Logo

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: “Why doesn’t your site name have anything to do with St. Louis?” to which we always reply “It doesn’t need to. If the site does well, the name won’t matter and it will just seem St. Louis-y regardless. Having to put “STL” or “river” in every damn thing created around here is lame and lazy. That question is actually #2 to one other question though: “Why don’t you have the Arch on your site anywhere? [Read More]
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Area Man Makes Mustang Ugly for the Troops

War is hell and now some guy’s Mustang looks the part. Dubbed the American Spirit, the muscle car is covered with 255 pictures depicting the history of American war veterans. The photos are grouped in chronological order, starting with the American Revolution on the back bumper and ending with Operation Iraqi Freedom on the front. The car sports the vanity license plates “LVNFRE,” and across the front fender in 14 karat gold are the words “A Tribute To The American Soldier. [Read More]