Do Not Stop When You Drive Through St. Louis, You Will Get Robbed

“Oh Punching Kitty! You guys are always so down on St. Louis, but this headline is the worst yet. You know full well that you can stop in St. Louis and you won’t get robbed! This is a huge important city with lots of food trucks, and yes there is crime, but it’s not nearly as bad as you make it out to be! Why don’t you do positive stories about St. [Read More]

Marine’s War Medals Stolen While Visiting the Arch

Fellow St. Louisans, let us drop a senario on you and you tell us when you start to get worried: A Marine and wife were visiting family near St. Louis after recently coming back from a tour in Afghanistan (Eh, ok. Not too worried yet.) and while on their way to the airport to fly back to where he is stationed in Hawaii (Sounds nice!) they decided to stop in and visit the Arch (Hmm. [Read More]

Crazy Guy Claims the Arch Can Control the Weather

I think we all can agree the St. Louis’ monument the Gateway Arch certainly has some special powers. For example it’s pretty clear that thing is some how a super magnet for attracting street crime, crappy hockey goalies and cheesy tourist calendar photographers, but maybe there’s something else going on there… The St. Louis Arch, a 636 ft. monument on the west bank of the Mississippi River, has stood for nearly forty years. [Read More]

Arch Worker Pinned Between Arch Tram and a Hard Place Yesterday

An employee of the St. Louis Arch was pinned for 30 seconds between the south leg tram and the top of the shaft while working on electrical upgrades yesterday. I bet that hurt. One time we stubbed our town on the south leg of our coffee table and it hurt like hell. Like really hurt and still hurt the next day, probably just like this guy’s injury. The good news for him is that after two days we were fine and we got to limp around at work and make people ask us what happened. [Read More]

Stop Putting the Arch in Your Logo

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: “Why doesn’t your site name have anything to do with St. Louis?” to which we always reply “It doesn’t need to. If the site does well, the name won’t matter and it will just seem St. Louis-y regardless. Having to put “STL” or “river” in every damn thing created around here is lame and lazy. That question is actually #2 to one other question though: “Why don’t you have the Arch on your site anywhere? [Read More]
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