Oldest Living Missourian Dies, Tells Everyone Bogus Tips on How to Live as Long as Her

Missouri’s oldest resident has finally kicked the bucket. 112 year old Florence Poe, died on Tuesday from complications of a stroke she had experienced a few days prior. Born on August 24th, 1897, Florence lived on her own until her 90’s when she moved in with her daughter and then later at the Ratliff Care Center. Michael Ratliff, the center’s administrator, said Poe remained active in her last months. He once asked her the secret to a long life. [Read More]
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Your World Champion 1926 Cardinals!

Found and posted by St. Louis Twitter-er Kopper

Note the advertiser text at the bottom to receive your “handsome catalog of guns, traps and trapping supplies” by simply mailing a card to the St. Louis Fur Exchange Building.

Old Guy Gets Fake High School Diploma Because at this Point, Why Not?

So a long time ago this guy quits High School to get a job and then ends up in the military, bravely serving his country in World War II. After that he gets married twice, has no kids, is described as “colorful” and spends his time watching TV all day. All this 70 year old guy really needs is an occasional dusting, but instead he’s being given an honorary High School diploma. [Read More]