Old Guy Gets Fake High School Diploma Because at this Point, Why Not?

old_dumb_guySo a long time ago this guy quits High School to get a job and then ends up in the military, bravely serving his country in World War II.  After that he gets married twice, has no kids, is described as “colorful” and spends his time watching TV all day.  All this 70 year old guy really needs is an occasional dusting, but instead he’s being given an honorary High School diploma.  Well that will come in handy…

“I don’t want to be in the spotlight or the limelight. I want to be what I am and that’s it,” says Ervin Himmighoefer, an 87-year-old World War IIveteran from Germantown, Illinois.

If you ask Himmighoefer what he likes to do for fun he’ll tell you, “nothing.”

“I just sit here and watch TV,” he says.

Himmighoefer joined the Marine Corps during World War II and fought in one of the fiercest battles of the Pacific campaign: the Battle of Iwo Jima. Some 7,000 Americans were killed there and he was awarded a Purple Heart.

Honorary or not, its pretty hard not to get GED these days.  The guy that breaking in to your car right now has a damn High School education!  Tell us about how you got that Purple Heart gramps!

“Well, I got blowed up and landed down on my head,” he says with emphasis.

I swear to you I did not make that quote up.

Frankly this guy sounds freaking awesome and as far as I’m concerned he’s living the dream, there is one little nagging question. Explain to me what an honorary HS degree will do for a old “colorful”, which we all know is a  euphemism for cussing a lot and slapping broad’s asses, that does nothing but watch TV?  Will this make him feel better about himself?  I betcha it won’t!  Will it help this guy get a job?  Not a chance.

Hell, even the honorary Harvard degrees are useless but at least you get to make a speech.  All this guy wants is a second pudding cup for dinner and to make sure the reporter leaves before “The Wheel” comes on.