Get a Free New Moon Screening Pass Just For Finding and Going to a Blockbuster


It’s ok, I couldn’t remember what a Blockbuster was either.  Thank god for wikipedia right?

Anyway, if you are either a 15 year old girl or a guy with a big, window-less van and a creepy mustache, you should totally head over to the Blockbuster Video in Creve Coeur at 11600 Olive Blvd tomorrow at 6p because there’s going to be  a New Moon party and we hear its going to be one of the biggest crowds in recent years at a Blockbuster.  We’re talking 10 maybe 12 people.  Crrraaaazzzzyyy!

Also, if you are one of the first 125 people through the door, you get a free pass to the New Moon  screening on November 19th!  Which now that I dropped that joke above about only 12 people going, someone looks like an ass don’t they?  Not sure if its me for being a dick or them for over estimating the number of people that can actually find the willpower to go to a Blockbuster though.  You’d think I’d go up and just delete that joke, but thats not how I roll.  Stream of consciousness baby!

Now the dilemma begins in the heads of the PR people of St. Louis…

“Well, he did mention it, but he also killed it because no one goes to Blockbusters.”

“I mean he’s right though.”

“We’ll yeah he’s right, but still.”

“Do we send him more of these?”

“Is all press really good press?!”

You also might be wondering “Why is there a picture of Kristen Bell at the top of this post?”

Because that chick in New Moon is unattractive.

There you go, simple answer.