Random Interview: Terry Blastenbrei

terryIts Friday and that means we are going to interview someone random.  Who’s up next?  Terry Blastenbrei of course!  Let me tell you a little something about this dude.  He has a blog, he’s on Twitter, he’s a musician, and he wants you to hire him.  I think he’s thinking along the lines of administrative and clerical work, but I heard he’ll do other stuff too like massages and for enough money, he’ll kill someone for you.  …that’s just what I heard.

Lets talk to him shall we?

Punching Kitty:Are you Pro-Smoking band or are you a dirty smoker that won’t rest until you blow smoke in every baby’s face and leave your butts in my food?

The old 2-pack-a-day smoker that I used to be would put cigarettes out on your forehead…I’m older and wiser now.  I’m for the ban.  Smoking is a dirty, disgusting habit that is dangerous to anyone around you.  Seriously, it’s not that hard to go outside for a few minutes and light one up.

PK:How about this weather we’ve been having?  (This is what Leno does…I’m setting him up for a hilarious joke!)

I love it…feels like fall should feel.  I like rain, but it can be so depressing…I thought we were in Bangladesh there for a minute.

PK:What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever had in your mouth?

A boob…a really big boob.  What can I say?  I love the boobies!

PK: Not very gender specific there Terry…

PK:Virginia Kerr or April Simpson?

Oh wow, April Simpson is so pretty.  And I saw that picture you posted earlier this week…me-OWWWW!

PK:Name the best street in St. Louis!  Why?

The entire length of Grand…if you really want to see what St. Louis is about–the good and bad–start at Hall St. and make your way south to Carondelet Park.  It’s got everything!

PK:If you and me and 4 other random dudes, one of them being a homeless guy with a festering knee, played the Rams, what do you think the final score would be?

27-10 us.  We could gather the kids in my neighborhood to play them and the kids would win.

PK:If you had to watch one local news broadcast, which would it be: KMOV, KSDK, KTVI/KPLR?

Well, I tend to watch KTVI because I watch Judge Judy in the afternoon.

PK: Awesome Terry, and how long have you been a 75 year old Jewish woman?  Nevermind.

PK:You don’t really watch the local news though right?

Sadly, I do occasionally.  And this example is why I shouldn’t:  I was watching the beginning of KMOV’s 10pm news last night (Wed.), and Erica Byfield is on at the beginning of the news talking about a problem with identity theft.  And she was getting WAY too excited about the story.  I know it’s sweeps and all, but calm the hell down!

PK:What’s the most annoying girl name?

Misty…that’s straight out of Lemay.  Or Autumn.  I have a friend that has 6 kids, and all of them have “new age” names. That’s cool if you like that sort of thing, but I’m like, “What the hell?!”

PK: Great answer!

PK: Make up a question, ask it to yourself, then answer it!

If you needed help cleaning up your office files or making things run more smoothly, but you didn’t want to hire a temp from an agency, what would you do?

Well, of course I’d hire Terry Blastenbrei!  That dude is smart, hard-working, efficient, inexpensive…and boy does he have a great sense of humor!

Terry closed it out with a shameless plug.  We’d make fun of him for that, but we would have done the same thing.