Random Interview: Jeff Sable

It’s been a little while, but we still do the “Random Interview” here on Punching Kitty. Who better to get it going again than Jeff Sable? Punching Kitty: Who are you? Jeff Sable, I sing songs and play guitar in a band called…uh..Sable. PK: How’s it going? Busy, I travel a lot and come back on the weekends to play Fast Eddie’s Bon-Air. I just got asked to be in the big Nashville CMA Fest Parade, so that’s an honor. [Read More]

Random Interview: Terry Blastenbrei

Its Friday and that means we are going to interview someone random. Who’s up next? Terry Blastenbrei of course! Let me tell you a little something about this dude. He has a blog, he’s on Twitter, he’s a musician, and he wants you to hire him. I think he’s thinking along the lines of administrative and clerical work, but I heard he’ll do other stuff too like massages and for enough money, he’ll kill someone for you. [Read More]

Random Interview: SandyShores

Time for another random interview! Today’s subject? One @SandyShores What? Oh, that’s her Twitter name. I thought it was odd at first too that someone would name their child something that started with @, but I figured it was just foreign like that Russian O with a line through it. Then a “social media expert” told me it was a Twitter thing. I tried to get more information from him, but he started to walk off and I was like “Oh you have to get to work? [Read More]

Random Interview: Jason Robinson

We are starting a little thing here on Punching Kitty: The Random Interview! Do I really have to explain it? Ok, fine. Its a interview with a random person. We got some response on Twitter when we asked for anyone that wanted to be interviewed, and this was the first response we got back! More of these are coming since 1. its a cool spotlight on people and 2. its one less post idea I have to come up with when its a slow news day! [Read More]