Random Interview: SandyShores

packersTime for another random interview!  Today’s subject? One @SandyShores What?  Oh, that’s her Twitter name.  I thought it was odd at first too that someone would name their child something that started with @, but I figured it was just foreign like that Russian O with a line through it.  Then a “social media expert” told me it was a Twitter thing.  I tried to get more information from him, but he started to walk off and I was like “Oh you have to get to work?” and he said “Work?!  I’m a social media expert.  Its just what you call telemarketers online.”  So that solves that mystery.


Punching Kitty: Who are you?

I am a workaholic who somehow finds time to do 10,000+ tweets in 18 months; a short gal with more hair than should be allowed for someone my size; a grammar nazi.

PK: What do you do?

I am in sales.  Yup- a sales whore.  We also own a pizza pace- which makes question #4 a no-brainer for me!

PK: How’s it going?

Chillin’ like a villian.  My life kicks ass.  Great friends.  Good job.  My family is healthy.  And I have a great man who loves me.  What else could a gal want??

PK: Best non-national-chain pizza not named Imo’s in St. Louis?

Papa Murphy’s Take N Bake Pizza in Wildwood.  (Shamelsss self-promotion, but accurate!)

PK: You think the Rams will win a game this year or do you not even care?

I’m from LA and the Rams were the LA reject team.  Are we gonna get the Clippers next?  So yeah- my answer?  Don’t care.

PK: What’s the worst thing about St. Louis?

The humidity kills my dad’s sinuses.  That’s the only thing preventing him from moving back here.  Being a total daddy’s girl, I want my dad here.  Thus- I’d like to get rid of the humidity and make that possible.

PK: Who is the biggest St. Louis celeb have you met? What’s the story?

Ozzie Smith.  The story?  It’s an embarassing one.  When I first moved here in 1992 from Santa Barbara, I turned on the radio (KSD, classic rock) and heard that Ozzy was going to be at Keiner Plaza.  I found my way downtown expecting to see Ozzy and instead saw a bunch of Cardinals fans.  Where was Ozzy??  I asked about 100 people where Ozzy was.  Finally a guy taps me on the shoulder and says, “I’m Ozzie”.  I looked at him and said “bullshit” because he was obviously NOT Ozzy.  Apparently there was a famous guy here named Ozzie…not Ozzy.

PK: What’s the most annoying guy first name?

Rush.  Tied with Phil (as in Dr Phil)

PK: The correct answer there was Keith.  Keith.  Close though.

PK: Think of your own question, ask it to yourself and then answer it.

What’s the square root of 111707?  334.226

Our thanks to this week’s victim, and of course if you would like to be a random interview, drop us a line at [email protected] or even @punchingkitty to Twitter.