101 ESPN Starts Killing Time Until it Can Get JC in the House

101ESPN fired the other, stiffer, less black, half of the widely criticized mid-morning show “Parris and Burwell” the other day.  Did you hear who Pat Parris’ replacement is?  Well, they apparently will work for cheap and be dumb enough to think working with Burwell on a sport radio gig is a “prize”.  Guess what?!  Its you!   …maybe.  Are you drunk enough right now to think this is a good idea?

…as much as Bryan [Burwell] is respected for his straight forward approach, he also loves to laugh, have fun, interact with listeners and debate the world of sports with his colleagues. However there’s one small problem – he’s got nobody to do it with on a daily basis!

So rather than watch Burwell walk around the office like a little boy without his favorite toy, we’ve decided to help him find a brand new partner. In the weeks and months ahead you will hear many different voices and styles on “Burwell and Company” and the search will continue until we have the right person sitting next to Bryan permanently.

Does it seem weird to anyone else this sounds like Pat Parris left on his own?  Because he didn’t.  They fired him.  We aren’t saying we disagree with the move mind you, we’re just saying its odd and kind of insulting the way this was phrased.

What’s with this hooky idea?  Is the plan to have the sillouette sponsored by Baue Funeral Homes?  Plus, now that Parris is out, it finally leaves a chair next to Burwell for his ego, so I can’t imagine he’s cool with idea of filling it with another stiff white guy so quickly.  It seems that WXOS is under the impression that their hype machine is a little bigger than it actually is.  Reality check (its been a while since I’ve given them one, so this is quite the flash back): No one cares.  We’d prefer to just let Bernie’s show take over both time slots and be done with the damn thing.

…on the other hand…Could this be a time-killing idea to get the recently let go JC Corcoran in to the fold?  That’s what our tipster thinks, and we completely agree.  Although Corcoran is now a “consultant” for Emmis, according to Corcoran himself on his long-winded open letter he states his contracts has an out…

I’ll be paid in full through February of 2011 unless I choose to accept a job at another station before then.

The JC and 101 ESPN match is clearly a love connection on both sides which isn’t much of a secret and this kind of BS seems like filler until both sides can get a deal done.  Hell even the damn shadow in the banner below kind of looks like Corcoran!

Ok, so the premise is dumb.  We got that covered, now lets turn our attention to the banner on their site:


In case you can’t see the “tag line” there it reads:

Got what it takes 2 B the new guy? We’re looking 4U!

You see the kids today shorten words to write faster and if you shorten your words you seem hip and cool…and like the last time you opened a book a cartoon bunny popped up out of the page.  I can’t believe that Burwell would allow “writing” like that to go out next to his name!

Let me try to get through to them…

Ur b@nn3r sux & it m@kez u s0und r3t@rded!!!!

The only thing we know 100% (though JC stuff is pretty high) is that until a proper co-host is in place the seat is just going to be a rotation between Brian Stull and the wooden Brian Feldman.  …and you thought you hated the show before!

From 101ESPN.com via our awesome little tipster!