KFNS Now Offers Free SPAM to Those That Sign Up!

A reader forwarded us an e-mail they recently got from KFNS, one of the approximately 17 sports talk stations in town, to show us how amazingly crappy their “E-Blast” is. They were right, it suucccckkksss! …but we weren’t exactly surprised and gather that the other stations in town offer more of the same, so they should all be paying attention instead of laughing at the back of the classroom while we whip out the ruler on poor KFNS. [Read More]
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Jay Mohr Says Pujols is Worth It…and Agrees that Jason Barrett is Creepy

In this clip from 101ESPN (WXOS)’s Superbowl media coverage, Bob Stelton interviews Jay Mohr and just before Stelton does the most obvious thing ever and asks Morh to do his Christopher Walken impression for the 23 Millionth time, Mohr gives the Cardinals some advice: Mohr: [Thankfully interrupting Stelton from whatever boring thing he was saying…] Are they going to pay Pujols? Stelton: Yes they are. Mohr: They have to. [Read More]

KFNS Actually Found a Way to Reach Fewer People Tuesday Morning

If you noticed a distinct lack of “sports” talk that is 8 parts gay jokes and 2 parts Mizzou talk, its probably because your only choice for sports talk was 101ESPN‘s Mike & Mike in the Morning after Monday night’s storm kicked over the flattened out coat hanger 590 AM KFNS uses to broadcast. The morning static was confirmed by the station’s morning show host, Tim McKernan… McKernan, who’s InsideSTL.com handles most of the day’s programming on KFNS, did their show through the internets until the station came back on line a few hours later. [Read More]

The Cardinals Radio Broadcasts Go Back to KMOX

In what is no doubt the most anyone has ever talked about radio since…um…I don’t know…jesus radio metaphors are hard…probably because no one cares about radio. Except for the St. Louis sports media who still thinks its really really really really really important. As first reported today on STLtoday.com, the team announced late this afternoon that it will return its radio broadcasts to KMOX next season after five years at KTRS, where they had been airing after a 51-year run at KMOX. [Read More]

Bryan Burwell Out at 101ESPN?

Though the usually prompt expunging of a jettisoned host from a radio website still hasn’t happened as of this writing, Dan Ceasar of STLToday.com is reporting that his fellow columnist Bryan Burwell has been yanked from his own show on the FM sport talk station, 101 ESPN. Sources said the move was ratings-related and not tied to any other issue, and that Burwell still could be involved in Rams game day programming. [Read More]

See, We Told You That Was JC’s Head

Back in November we mentioned that apart from how stupid 101 ESPN’s fake “contest” to be Bryan Burwell’s new co-host, we thought the recently canned JC Corcoran had the job. We were wrong about that. We were dead on however that the shadowy head used in WXOS’ banners promoting the “search” were a perfect match for Corcoran. Recently even the man himself, JC, agreed on the July 2nd installment of his “Daily Dose” segment on JCOnTheLine. [Read More]

We Broke ESPN 101’s Promo Format Equation

If you’ve even listen to 101 ESPN, the city’s leading sports talk station, you’ve no doubt heard their promos. “Randy Karraker rides his bike to work…” “D’Marco Farr is blah blah…” “Bob Ramsey something…” How do they do it?! How do they make such great promos that never* want to make you bash your head against the dashboard and then hit the dial so hard you break your radio? Well we took the promos the lab and tried to figure out their secret. [Read More]

Something is Different With ‘The Morning After’…

We didn’t care one bit about the news a few weeks back that sports talk host Tim McKernan, in conjunction with InsideSTL.com, was buying the first half of the day on the stumpy-towered 1380 AM, but we have to say, the usually funny Morning After show on 1380 has tanked recently. The new focus on interviewing broads for another show has taken the time that was usually filled with actual talk about sports. [Read More]

Comparing 101 ESPN’s Shadowy Host to JC Corcoran’s Head

I made a quick mention in my Friday night post about 101 ESPN and JC Corcoran that even the shadowy figure in the 101 ESPN banner looks a hell of a lot like JC. Well if there’s anything that screamed “Photoshop me some more evidence!” this is it right? Bam: Would 101 be already making banners but still not ready to make an announcement? Who knows, but I’ll be dammed if that shadow doesn’t look exactly like JC’s noggin. [Read More]

101 ESPN Starts Killing Time Until it Can Get JC in the House

101ESPN fired the other, stiffer, less black, half of the widely criticized mid-morning show “Parris and Burwell” the other day. Did you hear who Pat Parris’ replacement is? Well, they apparently will work for cheap and be dumb enough to think working with Burwell on a sport radio gig is a “prize”. Guess what?! Its you! …maybe. Are you drunk enough right now to think this is a good idea? [Read More]