Jay Mohr Says Pujols is Worth It…and Agrees that Jason Barrett is Creepy

In this clip from 101ESPN (WXOS)’s Superbowl media coverage, Bob Stelton interviews Jay Mohr and just before Stelton does the most obvious thing ever and asks Morh to do his Christopher Walken impression for the 23 Millionth time, Mohr gives the Cardinals some advice:

Mohr: [Thankfully interrupting Stelton from whatever boring thing he was saying…] Are they going to pay Pujols?

Stelton: Yes they are.

Mohr: They have to.

Stelton: Unless he gets silly. Listen, if he starts asking for, you know, $35 Million a year…they gotta draw the line somewhere.

Mohr: He’s worth every penny.

Mohr goes on to say that the Cardinals are “pitching, Pujols, and a bunch of guys no one’s ever heard of.” We can’t disagree…well not totally. Uh hello?! We happen to think a guy that goes by the name of Aaron Miles had a lot to do with last year’s…uh…success. Mohr also goes on to do what everyone does when first meeting 101ESPN Program Director Jason Barrett: Recoil in fear, followed by laughter, then awkwardly befriend him…if Mohr had stayed at the table for another six months to a year he would have experienced the next phase: Barrett firing him.

Now if only they could convince Mohr to say the name of the radio station as Christopher Walken. Oh baby that would be sweet!