This is Probably Why Security Guards Just Carry Flashlights

The Chesterfield police were dispatched after a 911 call reported an “active shooter” on the premises of a local office building. False alarm! The building’s security guard dropped his gun and it shot some guy in the leg.

A security guard dropped his gun this morning and it fired a shot, hitting an employee of an insurance company in the left leg, police say.

[Lt. Steven Lewis of the Chesterfield Police Department] did not identify the 64-year-old security guard, nor did he name the man, 34, who was shot. Lewis said police are still investigating but, as of now, are classifying it as an accidental discharge of the gun.

So much for working on that gun twirl at work. Almost had it too. This kinda thing can happen to anyone though, so don’t feel too bad. What was that guy right there for anyway? Didn’t he know you had no gun training what-so-ever and had the safety off because you work in the really important Chesterfield office building as opposed to the other 5 billion totally lame ones?! The nerve of some people.

Seriously, that first elevator ride with that dude is going to be just a little bit awkward as hell though right? Maybe bring him a big mall cookie or something. They can write “Sorry I shot you when I dropped my gun” on there in two kinds of icing.

via STLToday