Substitute Teachers are the Best!

Was there ever a greater school day joy in a young child’s life greater than when you walked in to class to find a substitute teacher? Sure it didn’t always turn out great. You got your fair share of “Maybe if I’m really hard on the kids they’ll make me in to a real teacher!” subs, but most of the time you got some guy that just wanted you to be quiet and watch this barely educational move while he leaned back is his borrowed chair and think what’s he going to do with that tiny tiny pay check he was going to get…and then there’s the substitues that bring tasers to school. [Read More]

They Blew Up the Blanchette Bridge

The horrible countdown aside, this is some pretty solid video of the demolition of the Blanchette Bridge: The bridge was a mess, far too narrow and it clearly needed to go. However it’s still sad to think of all the people from O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis and Wentzville having to start their life over in Chesterfield after driving over the bridge to visit the mall, unaware they will never be able to return to their home that they tell people is “in the St. [Read More]

Nazi Zombies May or May Not Have Attacked Chesterfield Over the Weekend

As you can see from the picture above, a road sign in Chesterfield was set to display the message: “NAZI ZOMBIES! RUN!!!” over the weekend, which is either pretty funny, or a warning you’d end up wishing was in more places than just this one road sign. “Nazi Zombies! Run!!!” was programmed into a digital traffic sign at Clarkson and Kehrs Mill roads in Chesterfield over the weekend. Police said “Nazi Zombies! [Read More]

This is Probably Why Security Guards Just Carry Flashlights

The Chesterfield police were dispatched after a 911 call reported an “active shooter” on the premises of a local office building. False alarm! The building’s security guard dropped his gun and it shot some guy in the leg. A security guard dropped his gun this morning and it fired a shot, hitting an employee of an insurance company in the left leg, police say. [Lt. Steven Lewis of the Chesterfield Police Department] did not identify the 64-year-old security guard, nor did he name the man, 34, who was shot. [Read More]

Mountain Lion Spotted in Chesterfield

Photos taken by a Chesterfield man have been confirmed by the Department of Conservation to be a mountain lion. A mountain lion that is in the Chesterfield area near the Missouri River. The Department of Conservation would like to remind everyone that mountain lions are nocturnal and tend to avoid humans. Not to be confused with cougars, who just pretend they are nocturnal, hitting up college bars and then trying to take home Johnny Frat at 10:45 because they have a big meeting tomorrow. [Read More]

The Other Guys Premiere Went Well

As promised, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg appeared at the closest movie theatre to an airport in the St. Louis area, signed some stuff, talked to some people and local media and answered a few questions…just until the helicopter dropped down to airlift them the hell out of the giant strip-mall in a flood plain we call Chesterfield.

We have a few pictures courtesy of Getty Images, which really didn’t need to be said because they still have their watermark on them. Guess what though? Images are really expensive and apparently you can only rent them now for three months at a time. Freaking ridiculous. If we were going to spend that much money on something it sure the hell wouldn’t be for photos of Mark Wahlberg, plus the memories of crying until getting up the courage to actually take my shirt off right when our time runs out will last forever.

Did anyone see the movie last night? Was our guess summary (bottom of post) on the money?

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Free Stuff in Chesterfield! Everything Must Go!

…I mean unless their door is actually locked. Just try the next house if that actually happens. Five different families woke up Thursday morning to find their purses, wallets, and small electronics gone. Police say a burglar or burglars walked into five different houses while the homeowners slept overnight. No one was hurt and detectives did not find any signs of forced entry (things like broken windows, busted locks) leading police to believe the crooks simply walked in through unsecured doors. [Read More]