St. Louis Wins “Other Guys” Premiere

Well kinda. It’s more like the real first pitch that goes to a celebrity at a ballgame and then the 14 other “first pitches” that they give out to retarded children.

Guess which one St. Louis is in that metaphor?

The buddy-cop comedy is set in New York, so the Big Apple gets the first bite, on Aug. 4. But the next day, Will and Mark will jet to St. Louis and walk the red carpet for local fans.

A pat on the head and an “Atta-boy! You Almost made the ball go forward. Maybe try again a few steps forward…eh, can you just go hand it to the minor league nobody we had called up for this?” for those local fans.

Chosen from an online poll through Facebook, St. Louis took the top spot and now it all goes down this Thursday (August 5th) at the Galaxy theater in Chesterfield, which of course is a great location to show big Hollywood stars how metropolitan St. Louis is. “On your right you will see every fast food chain ever and a Best Buy…to your left…a big stupid field.” Anyway, it all starts at 6pm and the movie will start at 7.

As for the movie itself: “Hi I’m a wacky Will Ferrel character, wacky with a heart of gold. Hi I’m a stern Mark Wahlberg character (Say hello to your mother for me.) Here’s the one memorable quote from this movie! We’ll never be able to work together as partners. Oh wait, yes we can. The End.”

via STLToday, who sucks