Love Stalker: A Take on the Romantic Comedy Befitting St. Louis

The standard romantic comedy is for “regular” cities, LA, Chicago, New York, we’re St. Louis, a place where no matter how bad your day went, if you didn’t get shot in the face you’re doing OK. We need something different!. Thankfully two guys, Matt Glasson and Bowls MacLean, have been filming the answer in South City, with the fruits of their labor, Love Stalker, coming in to focus with a new trailer (embedded below) good enough to elicit multiple viewings. [Read More]

Josh Duhamel Rocks Blues Hat in “Life as We Know It”

Post updated per reader suggestion. See below original story. Josh Duhamel, shown here with his husband, is staring in the new movie “Life as We Know It” with Katherine Heigl.The movie is about two people who are polar opposites that have to take care of a baby. Uh oh! Sounds like this isn’t going to be what they signed up for! He’s probably a slob and she’s a little Ms. Perfect. [Read More]

St. Louis Wins “Other Guys” Premiere

Well kinda. It’s more like the real first pitch that goes to a celebrity at a ballgame and then the 14 other “first pitches” that they give out to retarded children. Guess which one St. Louis is in that metaphor? The buddy-cop comedy is set in New York, so the Big Apple gets the first bite, on Aug. 4. But the next day, Will and Mark will jet to St. [Read More]