Josh Duhamel Rocks Blues Hat in “Life as We Know It”

Post updated per reader suggestion. See below original story.

Josh Duhamel, shown here with his husband, is staring in the new movie “Life as We Know It” with Katherine Heigl.The movie is about two people who are polar opposites that have to take care of a baby. Uh oh! Sounds like this isn’t going to be what they signed up for! He’s probably a slob and she’s a little Ms. Perfect. This match up can’t possibly work! …oh wait, now it does! Roll credits.

What was the point of all this? Josh Duhamel rocks a St. Louis Blues hat in the movie, as evidence by these stills pulled from the trailer:

Good to see people out there representing for the Blues! Sure this one “fan” is a made up character in a movie no one will see, but that’s ok. After two wins, St. Louis is all about their slightly less retarded football team so the Blues will take any promotion they can get.

Update! …the baby isn’t a fan of our beloved Blues though. As pointed out by @mattsebek and @thefilesfiles, the baby later poops right in the Blues cap:

The baby is clearly either a Blackhawks fan or a future Blues goalie.