The Rams Won Again. Everyone Just Be Cool.

The St. Louis Rams won Sunday, beating the Seattle Seahawks 20-3 and killing several horribly embarrassing streaks:

17 consecutive losses versus NFC West teams.

Haven’t had a .500 record since 2006.

Hadn’t won two consecutive games since 2008.

Ok, that’s pretty great to get those horse collars off our neck. Not to mention Steve Jackson, @sj39, going out there at far less than 100% like a warrior and Sam Bradford continuing to make people forget that he’s only played half the number of NFL games than the number on his chest.

But lets just be cool about this St. Louis. By “St. Louis” we mean, the fans, the TV announcers, and of course, the sports radio pundits.

Just so we’re clear, this isn’t being cool:

Photo: ESPN/AP

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