Some Kid Got Hit in the Face With an Arrow

[Update: Sadly, the kid died and they were hunting deer at the time.]

A 15-year old boy was hit in the face with an arrow just south of Eureka Thursday afternoon. In the face! The “shooter”…er…archer…is believed to be a 20-year-old neighbor and has been taken in to custody following the incident.

The grandparents of our crossed-eyed Robin Hood are claiming it was an accident, but what are they going to say? Even still, we believe them. A bow and arrow isn’t really a jump out, “Take that kid! Boosh! Arrow in the face!” kinda weapon. The only way to get hit in the face with an arrow is to look directly at the guy aiming his bow at you and stand still like an old-timey photograph for several minutes until he gets his crap together and fires one up your nose. That’s not smart, but unless we have the only 20-year-old crack archer since the 1500’s then its gotta be the ole “Hey lets see if I can hit this off your head.” deal.

We’d recommend sticking to Nerf guns kids! …or ninja throwing stars.

via KMOV