Wait, So We Aren’t Going to Be Getting Our Money From the Icelandic Lottery?!

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is warning area residents about letters being received about how you totally won that lottery you didn’t enter or know about from Iceland. Hello luck day! I told you that wasn’t a midget! He was wearing way too much green to be a regular midget!

The letters are addressed from MTA Sweepstakes Lottery in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city. The letters say the recipients have won a large amount of money in the Icelandic Lottery.

People who call the number are told there is a one-time handling fee, processing fee or international wire-transfer fee — usually about $1,000. Once they have paid the fee, they learn the checks they receive for their payouts are forgeries.

What? No. It looks all official though. I heard Jeff next door won too, and so did Marcus at work…which seemed odd…but we could get a boat!

Lt. Dave Lingle says any request for money up front in order to receive a larger amount of money in return, should be treated with suspicion. It is more than likely the arrangement will end up being some type of a financial scam, he said.

Well well well Lt. Lingle, which sounds fake by the way, maybe you just want all the winnings to yourself! You heard about Iceland’s plan to give crap loads of money to people in St. Louis and thought you could get in on that action! Nice try Lingle!

…on the other hand, the only thing we know about Iceland that they beat Team USA really bad in the first round of the world hockey tournament and then we saw Coach Bombay out with that Iceland chick! Well, we may never get that money, or our $1,000 “processing fee” back, but at least still we have our Knuckle-puck shot and enough sassy attitude to get Team USA back on track just in time for their rematch in the finals!

via STLToday