Mark Edwards, Long-Time y98 Boss Fired

After six and a half years at the helm of St. Louis radio station y98, Mark Edwards has been fired. We were tipped this yesterday afternoon and confirmed it later last night via Edwards’ own Twitter feed:

…and then later he stumped for work via a mass email sent out to contacts and later posted to his blog:

Bottom line is I’m not a big fan of sitting around and I’m ready to climb on a new horse. Maybe you know of a job that is just screaming for a guy like me. Perhaps you are acquainted with someone who should get to know me. Please feel free to share my contact information, which is below, with every person you have ever met. The quicker I get back to work, the less chance there will be of you getting another e mail like this.

Threatening continued SPAM is certainly one way to go about getting a new gig.

y98, though forgettable, has remained a constant in St. Louis for some time now, so the surprise move to axe the head man must mean a change in direction. Being that this was a surprise to even Edwards means the change coming is probably not small. Our initial thoughts go back to when CBS, y98’s parent company, recently regained the rights to air Cardinal games. At the time we heard this:

Our guess? CBS promised the Cardinals that they too would be on the more robust FM signal soon. How? By killing KEZK and moving KMOX to 102.5 FM, leaving 1120 AM to be a more sports-heavy talk sister station to KMOX, and of course, simulcast Cardinal games on both signals.

Maybe KEZK survived the cut, making y98 the station to be killed in favor of a new FM KMOX? Huh?! Maybe we just remembered Edwards was in charge of KEZK as well?! Anyone care? Is this a required move in their contract with the Cardinals? What do you think Reese Witherspoon smells like? Is there anything in my teeth? That hairy palms thing is a myth right?