“This American Life” Features a St. Louis Guy Who Keeps Losing His Wallet

We now know all kinds of stuff about St. Louis’ own Julian Venegas. We know this stuff because Anton DiSclafani, a St. Louis writer, found Julian’s wallet one day and became obsessed with returning it to him…and then later retold the tale on the NPR radio show This American Life. ACT TWO. OBJECTS MAY BE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR. Anton DiSclafani tells the story of her desperate search to find a stranger who left something on her porch. [Read More]
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JC Corcoran Told Dan Caesar To Tell You That He Might Be Leaving St. Louis

Dan Caesar handles the local sports media beat for the Post Dispatch because it’s a super important thing to cover and people are too scared and creeped out to get close enough to fire him (right). Last week Caesar sat down with the recently fired JC Corcoran, who spent the whole time telling Caesar that he’s totally going to leave town. He swears…yup, totally going to happen so don’t try to stop him. [Read More]

Craig Cornett Died

Craig Cornett, the former morning show host on St. Louis’s 93.7 The Bull who disappeared from the public eye after being let go from the station and getting in to trouble with the law early last year, was found dead Tuesday in his Jonesboro, Arkansas home. Police say Cornett was found sitting upright in a chair. His ex-wife said she thought he was asleep, but when she tried to wake him she noticed he was cold to the touch, he was not breathing, and his feet were purple. [Read More]

JC Corcoran Fired, Trish Gazall Quits (and Returns to) KTRS

Updates below! Short version: While we are 100% confident in our source saying Trish unoficially quit Thursday, they have apparently convinced her to stay. (This was confirmed by Trish via Twitter) Original post follows… We have independently confirmed what STLToday’s Deb Peterson broke yesterday: JC Corcoran has been fired from KTRS. However, our source told us that show producer and on air “sidekick” Trish Gazall will not be staying on, which is contrary to what was reported by Peterson. [Read More]

KFNS Now Offers Free SPAM to Those That Sign Up!

A reader forwarded us an e-mail they recently got from KFNS, one of the approximately 17 sports talk stations in town, to show us how amazingly crappy their “E-Blast” is. They were right, it suucccckkksss! …but we weren’t exactly surprised and gather that the other stations in town offer more of the same, so they should all be paying attention instead of laughing at the back of the classroom while we whip out the ruler on poor KFNS. [Read More]
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KFNS Actually Found a Way to Reach Fewer People Tuesday Morning

If you noticed a distinct lack of “sports” talk that is 8 parts gay jokes and 2 parts Mizzou talk, its probably because your only choice for sports talk was 101ESPN‘s Mike & Mike in the Morning after Monday night’s storm kicked over the flattened out coat hanger 590 AM KFNS uses to broadcast. The morning static was confirmed by the station’s morning show host, Tim McKernan… McKernan, who’s InsideSTL.com handles most of the day’s programming on KFNS, did their show through the internets until the station came back on line a few hours later. [Read More]

JC Corcoran Joins KTRS, Bumps Charles Jaco

After a year of being off the St. Louis airwaves, friend-of-the-site J.C. Corcoran, is returning to local radio. KTRS, in the midst of a major overhaul after losing the Cardinals, has hired Corcoran to fill the mid-day 10a-1p slot. John Brown‘s show the Mindset (which we were a guest on earlier this year) has been moved back to a 1p – 3p slot. But what of Charles Jaco? KTVI reporter, writer of accusatory emails and current KTRS radio host? [Read More]

Mark Edwards, Long-Time y98 Boss Fired

After six and a half years at the helm of St. Louis radio station y98, Mark Edwards has been fired. We were tipped this yesterday afternoon and confirmed it later last night via Edwards’ own Twitter feed: …and then later he stumped for work via a mass email sent out to contacts and later posted to his blog: Bottom line is I’m not a big fan of sitting around and I’m ready to climb on a new horse. [Read More]

The Cardinals Radio Broadcasts Go Back to KMOX

In what is no doubt the most anyone has ever talked about radio since…um…I don’t know…jesus radio metaphors are hard…probably because no one cares about radio. Except for the St. Louis sports media who still thinks its really really really really really important. As first reported today on STLtoday.com, the team announced late this afternoon that it will return its radio broadcasts to KMOX next season after five years at KTRS, where they had been airing after a 51-year run at KMOX. [Read More]

Grand Slam Sports Buys KFNS and JoeSportsFanSTL.com

Friday afternoon the word started trickling out that local group, Grand Slam Sports’ bid to buy the “other” sports talk radio station in town, KFNS (590 AM), became official. Not only that, Grand Slam Sports also announced they had purchased the local sports blog JoeSportsFanSTL.com. Their bid to buy the other other sports talk station you haven’t heard of KSLG (1380 AM) is still in the works. Grand Slam Sports, which consists of a group of local investors, bought KFNS from Big League Broadcasting for $1. [Read More]