JC Corcoran Joins KTRS, Bumps Charles Jaco

After a year of being off the St. Louis airwaves, friend-of-the-site J.C. Corcoran, is returning to local radio. KTRS, in the midst of a major overhaul after losing the Cardinals, has hired Corcoran to fill the mid-day 10a-1p slot. John Brown‘s show the Mindset (which we were a guest on earlier this year) has been moved back to a 1p – 3p slot.

But what of Charles Jaco? KTVI reporter, writer of accusatory emails and current KTRS radio host? Toast!

In an interview with the Riverfront Times yesterday, Jaco says he was cool with getting the same fate as such well-loved shows as “That 80’s Show” and “The Chevy Chase Show”:

Tim Dorsey [KTRS president] told me it was nothing to do with the content or opinions expressed on the show. Honestly, he seemed more upset about it than me. My support from KTRS was always outstanding, especially the help I received from my producer Austin Volker and production assistant Craig Hogard. It was as amicable as termination as possible.

So there you have it. JC Corcoran gives a nod to Punching Kitty and lands the KTRS job, John Brown has us on his show and gets to stay around. Jaco tries to bully us and he’s on the street. Indisputable proof that you should really stay on our good side or bad things will happen like losing your radio show…and other weird and gross stuff:

RFT: Can you confirm the rumor we heard about you receiving soiled condoms in the mail at KTRS?

Jaco: It happened on three occasions. But, hey, as long as they weren’t thinking of me when they made the package, it doesn’t bother me.

I think Jaco’s selling himself short there. This right here is sex personified with a little mustache drawn on it:

How could you not have that photo at least cross your mind while you are filling a box of used condoms for delivery? …I mean…what? Excuse us. We’re going to go watch some NASCAR and WD40 something.