Fox 2’s John Brown Gets Beat Up by a Little Cardinal

Found on YouTube: KTVI Fox2’s John Brown gets bit by a Cardinal he was holding at the bird sanctuary. He apparently had named the little red cardinal “Albert”…not sure why. Don’t see any connection there. If he was making a joke, he should really come off his high horse and do something more relatable, because who knows what he was referring to. Maybe John will explain the obscure reference needed to understand why naming a cardinal “Albert” would be funny. [Read More]

JC Corcoran Joins KTRS, Bumps Charles Jaco

After a year of being off the St. Louis airwaves, friend-of-the-site J.C. Corcoran, is returning to local radio. KTRS, in the midst of a major overhaul after losing the Cardinals, has hired Corcoran to fill the mid-day 10a-1p slot. John Brown‘s show the Mindset (which we were a guest on earlier this year) has been moved back to a 1p – 3p slot. But what of Charles Jaco? KTVI reporter, writer of accusatory emails and current KTRS radio host? [Read More]