Punching Kitty on the John Carney Show: 08.09.2012

As we catch up on the last few weeks of calling in to the John Carney Show on KTRS, here’s our August 9th segment. Take a listen as we stumble to figure out on the fly what we’re allowed to say on the air, while dropping way way way too many “you know”s: Notes: – God Voted For Todd Akin, Claims Todd Akin – St. Charles Police Catch a Predator Dateline Syle! [Read More]

Punching Kitty on the John Carney Show: 08.02.2012

We’ve been bad about posting these, but here’s our August 2nd segment: Notes: – 12 Year-Old Tased in South County Victoria’s Secret – City of Shrewsbury on the Lookup For Kissy Cop Impersonator – Creepy Looking Guy Does Something Totally Creepy – St. Louis’ Not So Missed Connections Listen live on the Thursday night edition! We’re going to start Facebooking/Tweeting out when we’ll be on, so look for the heads up Thursday evening. [Read More]

The John Carney Show Segment: June 14th, 2012

We haven’t mentioned it much on the site yet (other than our header ad you might have seen) but we’ve hooked up with KTRS’ The John Carney Show to do a weekly on air segment. We discuss what was on the site over the last week, or other random shiz with Carney and then we’re done. It’s simple, fun, and since it’s radio, we don’t have to wear pants. The show airs weeknights at 9p – 12am and we usually go on around the 9:45p on Thursdays. [Read More]

JC Corcoran Fired, Trish Gazall Quits (and Returns to) KTRS

Updates below! Short version: While we are 100% confident in our source saying Trish unoficially quit Thursday, they have apparently convinced her to stay. (This was confirmed by Trish via Twitter) Original post follows… We have independently confirmed what STLToday’s Deb Peterson broke yesterday: JC Corcoran has been fired from KTRS. However, our source told us that show producer and on air “sidekick” Trish Gazall will not be staying on, which is contrary to what was reported by Peterson. [Read More]

KTRS’ JC Corcoran Suspended 2 Weeks for Telling Pretty Much Everyone To Blow Themselves

So remember when we celebrated “JC Corcoran Says Pujols Will Re-Sign Today” Day? Well that whole thing is still going on. No, not the actual day, that came and went with no Pujols news. What’s still been happening is all the chatter since then which came to a head yesterday after KTRS suspended Corcoran for two weeks, as was initially reported by STLToday, but was independently confirmed with our sources as well. [Read More]

Happy JC Corcoran Says Pujols Will Re-Sign Today Day!

Update: So it’s now officially Saturday and Pujols is still a free agent. Not because Corcoran was wrong of course, it was probably because this thing, this other thing and what’s his face did that stuff they were thinking about doing and that pushed the whatever back a few whatevers until it’s all ready. Then he’ll be right. You’ll see. Original post below… It’s Friday, and that’s a big deal for another reason other than the fact you get to wear a knit shirt and chinos to work and spring for the beer at TGIFridays during lunch. [Read More]

Whatever the Opposite of “Breaking News” is: Two St. Louis Radio Guys Your Parents Listen to Are Angry With Each Other

KTRS’s (550 AM) McGraw Milhaven and KMOX’s (1120AM) Charlie Brennan both called the Riverfront Times to complain about each other in this month’s edition of “Irrelevant Radio People That Think Anyone Gives a Shit About Their Stupid Arguments Over Who Gets What Guest First.” As usual, lets have Mr. Blockquote fill you in on the details we didn’t actually acquire ourselves. Mr. Blockquote: Ugh do I have too? This story is lame! [Read More]

KFNS Now Offers Free SPAM to Those That Sign Up!

A reader forwarded us an e-mail they recently got from KFNS, one of the approximately 17 sports talk stations in town, to show us how amazingly crappy their “E-Blast” is. They were right, it suucccckkksss! …but we weren’t exactly surprised and gather that the other stations in town offer more of the same, so they should all be paying attention instead of laughing at the back of the classroom while we whip out the ruler on poor KFNS. [Read More]
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J.C. Corcoran Told Some Whiny Bitch to Shut Up

Friend-of-the-site, J.C. Corcoran recently found a seat behind a microphone again after nearly a year of being “on the beach,” on middays at KTRS (550 AM). However, like the conservation of mass (Physics reference boosh!), the conservation of radio jobs works os that when Corcoran came in, someone must go…that person was not-exactly-a-friend-of-the-site Charles Jaco. (Previous story) Up to speed now? Good. Well you should also know that people hate change, and so the other day J. [Read More]

JC Corcoran Joins KTRS, Bumps Charles Jaco

After a year of being off the St. Louis airwaves, friend-of-the-site J.C. Corcoran, is returning to local radio. KTRS, in the midst of a major overhaul after losing the Cardinals, has hired Corcoran to fill the mid-day 10a-1p slot. John Brown‘s show the Mindset (which we were a guest on earlier this year) has been moved back to a 1p – 3p slot. But what of Charles Jaco? KTVI reporter, writer of accusatory emails and current KTRS radio host? [Read More]