J.C. Corcoran Told Some Whiny Bitch to Shut Up

Friend-of-the-site, J.C. Corcoran recently found a seat behind a microphone again after nearly a year of being “on the beach,” on middays at KTRS (550 AM). However, like the conservation of mass (Physics reference boosh!), the conservation of radio jobs works os that when Corcoran came in, someone must go…that person was not-exactly-a-friend-of-the-site Charles Jaco. (Previous story) Up to speed now? Good. Well you should also know that people hate change, and so the other day J.C. got an email from a “listener” who wishes everything could have just stayed the same because new voices coming out of his truck’s dashboard scare him.

We traded Chas. Jaco for this? Really?

That’s what Floyd Brookman sent Corcoran, who like a certain gossip “blogger” you all might know, doesn’t like to leave comments of that nature untouched. The two went back and forth until Brookman sent this sick burn…

I’m intelligent enough to recognize a desperate washed up hard rock DJ when I hear one and THAT sounds like someone I know.

…which received the following response from Corcoran…

Then why do I make so much more money than you? And why is my wife hotter than the beast you have to crawl in on top of every night? And why am I a celebrity in this town and you’re some dope named ….. FLOYD? You see, dip-shit … unlike you, I have a life to get back to. So, bye-bye, sucker. You’re blocked from this point forward. I’ll never see another one of your dumb messages. FLOYD!!!! HA ha hah ha ….

Quick thoughts on this exchange:

  1. Both are pretty lame.

  2. Awwww…why the hate on people named Floyd?

  3. Maybe Floyd makes a lot of money…but also has time to listen to day-time radio…ok, nevermind.

  4. Blocking people to end a fight is a little lame, unless Floyd threatened him or something, which it doesn’t seem like he did.

  5. Ok, J.C.’s right, Floyd really isn’t a very good name.

But wait! There’s more! …at least Floyd thinks so. Floyd got all his panties in a wad because of that last reply, not because he said he was poor, or made fun of his name, no he got pissy, emailing KTRS’ general manager and drumming up newspaper coverage because his wife died five months ago. He’s mad because Corcoran, who doesn’t know this guy from Adam, made fun of his wife who had recently died. What?! How was he supposed to know that?

STLToday’s Deb Peterson thinks this is newsworthy. Of course she also thinks verbatim press releases are newsworthy, so we shouldn’t be all that surprised.

Brookman said he complained to KTRS general manager Tim Dorsey and was advised to “let this go.” But Brookman said: “I wll not tolerate attempts by this self-ordained celebrity to insult me or the memory of my wife for one moment.”

Dear Floyd Brookman — For the record we think Floyd is a fine name, but you sir are a conceited moron.

This is the hate mail equivalent of the burglar that sues the home-owner for shooting him when he broke into their house. We’re sorry of course for the lose of your wife, but to think for a second that KTRS or Corcoran knows anything about you, or that a private email exchange, an exchange that you started, is considered an insult to the memory of your wife, is self-centered and stupid beyond belief. The parlance of “Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’” comes to mind.

In case there was any doubt, Dorsey has confirmed that Corcoran will “absolutely not” be fired over the issue.

Hat tip to STLMedia