JC Corcoran Fired, Trish Gazall Quits (and Returns to) KTRS

JC Corcoran Fired, Trish Gazall Quits (and Returns to) KTRS

Updates below! Short version: While we are 100% confident in our source saying Trish unoficially quit Thursday, they have apparently convinced her to stay. (This was confirmed by Trish via Twitter)

Original post follows…

We have independently confirmed what STLToday’s Deb Peterson broke yesterday: JC Corcoran has been fired from KTRS. However, our source told us that show producer and on air “sidekick” Trish Gazall will not be staying on, which is contrary to what was reported by Peterson.

JC, who was suspended in November after reporting that Pujols would resign with the Cardinals and then telling everyone who made fun of him for being wrong an asshole via Twitter, was let go for reasons unclear. However, it was thought that it was simply done to clear space for a new “mystery” talent the station covets. Gazall was not fired, but was left dangling to see if the new host would want her to stay on. Instead of waiting, she told the station that she quit.

Our source didn’t know for sure who the replace was, but as Peterson suggests, John Carney seems a likely choice.

Update: We were just sent this Facebook screenshot where Steve Shannon, of “The Steve and DC Show” fame (ask your parents kids!) is stumping for his show to take the slot. He’s got 21 likes so far, so that should just about do it. No way KTRS would not do it if he gets above 30. 35 max! …yeah, this is definitely going to work. (Sarcasm is hard via text, so let us know if we’re not laying it on thick enough.) We can’t wait to listen to Steve’s first show after our threesome with Megan Fox and the brunette from Community because both of those things are 100% examples of things that are total mortal locks to happen and are not at all fantasies of any kind. (…ok, that ought to do it.)

Update x2: Trish essentially confirmed our report by passing on our link, but then just now (several hours later) put this on Twitter: “I am still or again or whatever……I still work at KTRS”. We are trying to see what changed today, but possibly the announcement that KFNS and Fox2 Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne as Corcoran’s replacement might have made Trish change her mind.

Update x3: Told ya.