Some Guy Crashed His Plane and Then Walked Home

Some Guy Crashed His Plane and Then Walked Home

A man wrecked his “ultralight” airplane near his Villa Ridge home, laid on the ground for a while and walked back home. No biggie. What did you do yesterday?

Sheriff Gary Toelke says the man’s ultralight apparently hit a power line at an Ameren substation on Old Highway 100 near Mary Lane and fell about 30 feet to the highway below.

“The pilot was laying on Highway 100 when the ambulance, fire, and EMS arrived. Apparently he suffered a back injury. However, he said it wasn’t severe and refused medical treatment.”

Toelke says the pilot then walked home.

The guy went from laying on his back in the highway because he just fell 30 feet after hitting a power line, to walking home. “My back hurts a lot after falling out of the sky. Nah, I’m good. I laid here a while waiting for you guys, so I guess I’m gonna hit that ole dusty trail. Thanks for cleaning up all the shit I broke though.”

The best part is the guy didn’t tell the cops what happened. They think he hit the power lines with his rich guy paper plane because of the char marks on the bottom, but that’s about all they know. The prevailing theory is that he crashed in to the power lines because the man forgot to do the extra paper fold to get the wings to have that little fin on the ends. Another cop suggested that he should have torn a set of flaps out of the wings first, while another thinks he just threw it too hard, probably trying to make it do a loopty loop.

The investigation is still ongoing as the officers wait for the wind to die down and someone to bring them the paper recycling box from the station.

via KMOX