Some Guy Crashed His Plane and Then Walked Home

A man wrecked his “ultralight” airplane near his Villa Ridge home, laid on the ground for a while and walked back home. No biggie. What did you do yesterday? Sheriff Gary Toelke says the man’s ultralight apparently hit a power line at an Ameren substation on Old Highway 100 near Mary Lane and fell about 30 feet to the highway below. “The pilot was laying on Highway 100 when the ambulance, fire, and EMS arrived. [Read More]

MetroLink Train Takes Out Truck

Like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the MetroLink train’s vision is based on movement. Still, motionless objects are effectively invisible to these large beasts of burdon, making things like a stalled flatbed truck on the tracks so hard to avoid. Witnesses said the train, headed eastbound, hit the flat-bed truck that was stalled at the North Market crossing around 5:30 p.m. A red truck with “Mr. JP Towing” on the side was wedged against a pole about 200 feet south of where North Market crosses the MetroLink tracks. [Read More]

Alton Man Crashes Car in to Ex-Wife’s House, Probably Yelled “Take That Bitch!” While Doing It

William Fry of Alton has been charged with Criminal Damage to Property Over $300 and violating a restraining order. Also, if anyone has a comb…no? That’s alright. Thanks for looking. Authorities say Fry’s ex-wife reported to police that extensive damage was done to her home. She was away from her home when the damage was done. Authorities said the damage appeared to have been done by a vehicle being driven into the home. [Read More]