Alton Man Crashes Car in to Ex-Wife’s House, Probably Yelled “Take That Bitch!” While Doing It

William Fry of Alton has been charged with Criminal Damage to Property Over $300 and violating a restraining order. Also, if anyone has a comb…no? That’s alright. Thanks for looking.

Authorities say Fry’s ex-wife reported to police that extensive damage was done to her home. She was away from her home when the damage was done.

Authorities said the damage appeared to have been done by a vehicle being driven into the home. Evidence from Fry’s vehicle gave police the probable cause to take him into custody.

The victim had an active order of protection against Fry at the time of this incident.

We don’t know how much over $300 dollars of damage ole Billy did with his clearly cherished car, but seeing as we’re talking about Illinois and these people are the kind of people that get married and then decide running your car into the other’s home is the move we’re guessing…trailer tipped over…at least 3 pink flamingos destroyed…and the George Forman Grill plugged in outside will probably not be able to correctly grill both sides of her Hot Pocket again. Gonna have to flip that `Pocket over half way through.

That’s no way to live.

via KMOV