KDHX Gets New Digs, Moving to Midtown

Personally we liked the charm of the odd little building KDHX’s radio operation has been housed in, but they sure didn’t. A big grant and plans for a fund raiser later and they are moving north up Grand to the Grand Center.

A long-time volunteer and patron made the anonymous gift in honor of the station’s late manager Larry Weir, who passed away in January,said station spokeswoman Birgit Spears.

The move will consolidate KDHX’s radio operations, which have been inside a 100-year-old bakery building at 3504 Magnolia Ave. in south St. Louis for the past 23 years, and its administrative office and TV and film operations at 625 N. Euclid Ave. in the Central West End into one space.

The St. Louis business Journal even included some bitchin Photoshop action as to what the building will look like:

It’s like staring in to the future. A future that clearly includes a society no longer bound to the previous rules of correctly aligned build board antennas. It’s beautiful.

After upgrading the building and doing the actual move to the new building (you think you have a hard time finding enough boxes) they don’t plan on settling in for another 18 months, but when they do the plan is to have a cafe on the first floor and a small concert venue inside suitable for all your hipster concerts where some bearded guy wiggles around for a while and then just stops while everyone in the audience is thinking “Wow. What an incredible artist!” while fingering the holes in their Salvation Army sweater they bought from that check their parents sent them to get them through the next few months they are spending trying to “find themselves”. It’s ok. They’ve got their Philosophy major with a minor in Eastern European Music History to fall back on.

Seriously. Someone explain to us how that is, in any way, entertaining or enlightening. If the floor was electrified…then maybe.

via St. Louis Business Journal

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