MetroLink Train Takes Out Truck

Like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the MetroLink train’s vision is based on movement. Still, motionless objects are effectively invisible to these large beasts of burdon, making things like a stalled flatbed truck on the tracks so hard to avoid.

Witnesses said the train, headed eastbound, hit the flat-bed truck that was stalled at the North Market crossing around 5:30 p.m.

A red truck with “Mr. JP Towing” on the side was wedged against a pole about 200 feet south of where North Market crosses the MetroLink tracks.

No word yet on the extent of the damages to any individuals involved, but at least five people on the train were taken to the hospital after the impact shattered the train’s glass windows.

Devin Barnett, who also was on the train, said windows shattered after the impact. He counted at least five people transported by ambulance to area hospitals. Some, like him, signed waivers refusing treatment.

“I feel like somebody hit me,” he said. “But I’m gonna be alright.”

Someone probably did hit you during the chaos. Check your wallet.

No idea how a large, bright red, truck on the tracks was so dammed hard to see but to be fair, the MetroLink driver was probably too busy trying to get the entire microphone in to their mouth before letting everyone that there is no food or drink allowed on the same train we saw some crackhead pee in once.

via STLToday