A Train Tipped Over in De Soto

There was a train wreck in De Soto, MO yesterday, but while it sounds horrible everything’s ok. No one was hurt, and when the guys got off the train to take a look at what happened, De Soto’s population nearly doubled. Unfortunately they’re stuck with cleaning up all the spilled cargo. Mark Davis, a spokesman for Union Pacific Railroad, said the 58-car freight train was transporting ballast rock (the kind that lines railroad tracks) from Iron Mountain, Mo. [Read More]

MetroLink Train Takes Out Truck

Like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the MetroLink train’s vision is based on movement. Still, motionless objects are effectively invisible to these large beasts of burdon, making things like a stalled flatbed truck on the tracks so hard to avoid. Witnesses said the train, headed eastbound, hit the flat-bed truck that was stalled at the North Market crossing around 5:30 p.m. A red truck with “Mr. JP Towing” on the side was wedged against a pole about 200 feet south of where North Market crosses the MetroLink tracks. [Read More]

Oh the Humanity: Zoo Train Derails

The train that takes the wheezing fat parents that turn to their excited child and say “Maybe…maybe…wheeew….maybe we take the train for a little….while? That’ll be fun huh? …no, walking isn’t always fun and we can see the monkeys some other time…lets just ride the train for a little while and then, ooooohhh! Dippin Dots!” derailed Saturday afternoon in a tunnel near “Big Cat Country”. No one was injured. One car had derailed wheels about 5 inches off the track, but it did not tip over. [Read More]
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Metrolink Somehow Gets Worse

If you are going on the MetroLink and are heading through Grand and Central West End prepare to spend an extra 20 minutes getting off the train, getting on a shuttle and then getting back on the train. Also, that guy next to you that smells like piss and cocaine and for some reason has a change of clothes in a Schuncks bag, will be sitting right next to you on the shuttle. [Read More]