Guy on Reddit is the First Across the new Grand Bridge

The new Grand Avenue Bridge is finally open, one lane each way, after about 18 months and apparently it’s pretty cool. We’ve haven’t taken it for a test drive yet, but this guy on Reddit claims to be the first across it after the opening on his bike and he said it was cool. Today at 2:46PM, after a 2 year [sic] wait (and seconds after the ribbon cutting) I piloted the first vehicle to cross the newly opened Grand Avenue Bridge. [Read More]

Metrolink Somehow Gets Worse

If you are going on the MetroLink and are heading through Grand and Central West End prepare to spend an extra 20 minutes getting off the train, getting on a shuttle and then getting back on the train. Also, that guy next to you that smells like piss and cocaine and for some reason has a change of clothes in a Schuncks bag, will be sitting right next to you on the shuttle. [Read More]

Those Whatever-They-Are Things on 44 Are Coming Down

You know those things on the side of 44 right on the border of St. Louis County? You know, those things that look like unfinished buildings that were started way before you were born, or some sort of King Kong cage? Well, apparently they are natural gas storage tanks and they are coming down! The natural gas storage tanks owned by Laclede Gas were erected in 1925 and 1941, and have been inactive since 1995. [Read More]