Oh the Humanity: Zoo Train Derails

The train that takes the wheezing fat parents that turn to their excited child and say “Maybe…maybe…wheeew….maybe we take the train for a little….while? That’ll be fun huh? …no, walking isn’t always fun and we can see the monkeys some other time…lets just ride the train for a little while and then, ooooohhh! Dippin Dots!” derailed Saturday afternoon in a tunnel near “Big Cat Country”.

No one was injured. One car had derailed wheels about 5 inches off the track, but it did not tip over.

The engine did not leave the tracks.

My god. What horror stories. Our only hope is those passengers that managed to survive can somehow get on track and eventually lead normal lives.

Can you imagine all of the locomotive power behind this behemoth coming 5 inches off the track? Thank god for the steady hand of the old guy in an old-timey conductor costume!

via STLToday

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