Metrolink Somehow Gets Worse

If you are going on the MetroLink and are heading through Grand and Central West End prepare to spend an extra 20 minutes getting off the train, getting on a shuttle and then getting back on the train.  Also, that guy next to you that smells like piss and cocaine and for some reason has a change of clothes in a Schuncks bag, will be sitting right next to you on the shuttle.

Just remember, you paid $4 for that privilege.

MetroLink train passengers arriving at each station disembark and walk to a nearby bus, which drives them to the second station. Metro employees are on hand to direct them to waiting shuttle buses.

Sounds simple enough.  Metro can’t possibly screw that up can they…oh wait.  Crap.

The employees tell passengers that a train will be awaiting them at the next station. But some passengers said the train left just as their bus arrived. They said another train soon arrived, so they were outside in the cold only a few minutes.

There are so many things wrong with the MetroLink, we really should do a whole post on it.  For starters though: It’s late.  It shuts down for the night like an old man after Wheel of Fortune is over.  The officials seems only willing to pester actual paying customers while leaving the guy holding an assault riffle and using the train as an escape route from the cops alone.  …and now they can’t even get this right.

Sometimes I think if Spiderman saw a MetroLink train heading for a bridge taken out by Dr. Octopus, he’d just let it go, figuring that if he tried to help he would just get yelled at by the overweight “guard” on duty and then intimidated by overly aggressive poor people claiming the train as their turf.