JC Corcoran Joins KTRS, Bumps Charles Jaco

After a year of being off the St. Louis airwaves, friend-of-the-site J.C. Corcoran, is returning to local radio. KTRS, in the midst of a major overhaul after losing the Cardinals, has hired Corcoran to fill the mid-day 10a-1p slot. John Brown‘s show the Mindset (which we were a guest on earlier this year) has been moved back to a 1p – 3p slot. But what of Charles Jaco? KTVI reporter, writer of accusatory emails and current KTRS radio host? [Read More]

Five St. Louis Fights We Want To See Go Down

1. Rams’ Steven Jackson vs Cardinals’ Albert Pujols The two faces of their franchises and two nice guys, beating the hell out each other. Should be awesome. Winner? Pujols. Steven Jackson is great, but Pujols never loses. 2. KMOV’s Virginia Kerr vs KTVI’s April Simpson There’s history here, which will make this a sellout for sure. Some would see this and think this is some testosterone-fueled idea to see to chicks brawl and they’d be right, if they thought I wanted this to be in bikinis, which I don’t! [Read More]

Charles Jaco Might be Getting Sued, but He Definitely Can’t Find a Good Comeback

We are hearing from our friends at STLMedia.net that Punching Kitty super-fan, as well as 550 talk show host and Fox2 reporter Charles Jaco might have some files charged against him. No details other than that yet. We do however have proof that Chuck ain’t one for the comebacks. STLMedia via SharpElbows.net posted a recent video recorded by someone at a Tea Party rally trying to get a rise out of Jaco. [Read More]

We Got a Letter From Charles Jaco Last Night!

Remember this post from a while back? We found a video on YouTube of a young, mustachioed Charles Jaco (Now of Fox2) on CNN. The commentary bookending the video says that Jaco “faked” this news report and that it was all filmed in a studio. Lets be clear: Those views, as we stated in the post, are of the video maker’s. Not ours. Frankly that was pretty clear. From the post “Did Charles Jaco Fake a Desert Storm CNN Report? [Read More]

Did Charles Jaco Fake a Desert Storm CNN Report?

Did Charles Jaco Fake a Desert Storm CNN Report?

Found on YouTube, this clip from a 1991 CNN broadcast, with added subtitles, claims that CNN and then reporter, now Fox 2 KTVI reporter and 550AM host, Charles Jaco fake a remote, leading people to believe that they were in some hostile area rather than a soundstage of sorts.

After watching the video, I have to lean towards agreeing this this guy, but really who knows, and more importantly, no one does or should care, but the video is pretty damn funny.  This isn’t just some Daily Show-esque “remote,” they have props (a gas mask and helmet from the set of MASH make an appearance), Jaco is rocking a pretty awesome, yet understated mustache, and there is a montage at the end of behind the scenes-type clips that the author uses as further evidence.

We also get this “warning” at the end for us sheeple to wake up!  We’ll pass on your warning there Neo, but thanks for the funny video.


Watch the clip after the jump, and let us know what you think!  Does this kinda thing actually bother you?

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