Charles Jaco Might be Getting Sued, but He Definitely Can’t Find a Good Comeback

We are hearing from our friends at that Punching Kitty super-fan, as well as 550 talk show host and Fox2 reporter Charles Jaco might have some files charged against him.  No details other than that yet.

We do however have proof that Chuck ain’t one for the comebacks.  STLMedia via posted a recent video recorded by someone at a Tea Party rally trying to get a rise out of Jaco.

Jaco didn’t fare well.  Actually neither side did.

After being pushed by the uploader to say what the term “tea bagging” meant, Jaco just repeated “Well do you know what it is?”  Zing!  Jaco 1, other guy 0.  Then the video gets boring as the video guy and Jaco partake in a verbal slap fight, neither one of them coming out looking all that smart or witty.

Here’s the end result…

Jaco comes off looking mean, and frankly, very unbecoming of a reporter who is supposed to be objective while reporting the news.  None of this is a surprise mind you given our history with him.

The camera holder, doesn’t come off looking well either.  He comes off looking desperate in trying to bait Jaco and then overreacting when he was “bumped” by the Fox 2 reporter.  This may surprise you, especially Jaco, but if he is getting charges for the “bumping” in this video, then that’s a farce.  Jaco shouldn’t have done it, but we don’t agree with charges on something as stupid as that.

Wait.  What’s that?  Oh, I’m already bored with this story.

Check out the video on YouTube

[Editor’s Note: Just to be clear, we have just found this video and are linking to it for news purposes.  We haven’t met Charles Jaco or the other guy in the video, and all of the above are theories and jokes.  Also, its time for the Soul Train Line! We wish you love, peace and soul!]