St. Louis Salon Owner Suing Hollywood Studio, and Her Lawyer Pretty Clearly Hates Her

Remember forever ago when a script for those sissy vampire movies “New Moon” and whatever the next one is was found in a Loop dumpster behind some salon?  Well, that happened.  Trust me.  The next part is that the salon owner found it and did the nice thing by giving it back to the studio.  The studio was so happy it gave her tickets to both movie premieres, and the salon owner was so greatful that she went to one that then decided to sell the other ticket on e-bay. The studio was all like “nu-uh bitch!” and made her pull the auction down and then she tried to sell them privately, but the studio again put the smack down on the sale with an ultimatum.  The owner, St. Louisian Casey Ray, says she has every right to sell the tickets and is now suing the studio.

Summit then issued an ultimatum, saying Ray can transfer the tickets to the premiere and after-party for “Remember Me” but if she does, Summit will no longer provide Ray with the autographed scripts for “New Moon” and “Remember Me,” as provided under their agreement, according to the lawsuit.

God, just rip the damn things up.  It really can’t be worth this much trouble can it?  Either way, its done now and her lawyer is sure enjoying the spotlight.

“Casey Ray is a country girl raised in rural Missouri. She did the honorable thing by returning the scripts to Summit Entertainment LLC and is now faced with the prospect of her good deed not going unpunished,” said Ray’s attorney, Albert Watkins. “Ray may be a hairdresser from the Midwest, but she is not a sap. She entered into an agreement with Summit Entertainment, LLC; she has lived up to her end of the bargain, and it appears Summit Entertainment, LLC is itching for a fight on Ray’s home turf. If that’s what Summit wants, Ray is willing to take it to the mat. She eats hay and can pull a wagon, don’t underestimate her.”

A country girl raised in rural Missouri that is no sap but eats hay and pulls wagons?  Really?!

Ray’s lawyer pushed the point further down our throats by saying:

“Sure Casey is barely literate and lives in a town where most people can’t wipe their ass but know enough to get three different kinds of herpes…but she’s tough.  Oh and we know she looks like the before side of a Brenda Warner photo split, but that doesn’t mean you can just take this country bumpkin to the cleaners. Especially since she never cleans her clothes!  Just the three pairs of jorts with crotch sweat stains so deep you can barely tell the demin is acid wash down there.. …also she’s stupid and has cooties. I need a new job.”

Woah! Don’t mess with that sliver  tongued bastard in court! Guy’s like Matlock and Perry Mason rolled in to one…you know, if they clearly hated their clients.

via St. Louis Business Journal