St. Louis Salon Owner Suing Hollywood Studio, and Her Lawyer Pretty Clearly Hates Her

Remember forever ago when a script for those sissy vampire movies “New Moon” and whatever the next one is was found in a Loop dumpster behind some salon? Well, that happened. Trust me. The next part is that the salon owner found it and did the nice thing by giving it back to the studio. The studio was so happy it gave her tickets to both movie premieres, and the salon owner was so greatful that she went to one that then decided to sell the other ticket on e-bay. [Read More]

Craigslist: A Love Connection at the New Moon Showing

What’s better than going to see your favorite girl-movie about non-scary flavors of vampires and werewolves at midnight? Going there and falling in love…and then smelling her hair…and following her to her house…and stealing things out of her car. Awww love. New Moon midnight showing – m4w – 27 (Saint Louis, MO) I sat behind you at the midnight showing of New Moon the other night. Me: 6 foot, dark hair, long nails, mysterious. [Read More]

Get a Free New Moon Screening Pass Just For Finding and Going to a Blockbuster

It’s ok, I couldn’t remember what a Blockbuster was either. Thank god for wikipedia right? Anyway, if you are either a 15 year old girl or a guy with a big, window-less van and a creepy mustache, you should totally head over to the Blockbuster Video in Creve Coeur at 11600 Olive Blvd tomorrow at 6p because there’s going to be a New Moon party and we hear its going to be one of the biggest crowds in recent years at a Blockbuster. [Read More]