Holy Crap, the Internet Might Have Found “Chris”!

Remember way back to yesterday?  About those bitches who were talking about cheating on their boyfriend and then that awesome dude got them back like a super badass?

Go check it out.  We’ll wait.

Have you ever seen a dog happier than this?  Oh, your back.  Lets continue.

Well we have an update to that story, once again, courtesy of Reddit.

Hey, How’s it going? I wanted to thank you for your craigslist post. I’m not Kris, my name is Ed. I don’t know if your story involved me or not, but it sure got things done, in my life.

My sister is a bit of a whore, and I always see her messing around with guys on facebook. I resent the fact that she does that since it would kill me to see my girlfriend whoring it up with douches. Anyway, Kris knows about her facebook “friends” but he trusts her too much. I feel bad for him at times because he pays for my sister’s living expenses, and she treats him like shit. Also, my sister has a bunch of whory coworkers in st. louis that I always see on facebook. Maybe one of those skanks was the one at the pub.

Maybe your story was about my sister’s boyfriend, and maybe it wasn’t

Whether it was my sister at the pub or not, I forwarded the email to Kris.

He replied, “thanks, I’ll let her know.”

A while later I see her facebook relationship status as single.

Was this the Chris or Kris that the guy was originally talking about?  We’ll never know, but putting the screws to one cheating skank is good enough for us!

Please, women of St. Louis, if you see this guy out this weekend, give him a freebie.  If he’s ugly, get drunk first.  It’ll be a good dead and even though you’re technically being slutty, I think its like a “get in to heaven” grey area.  I think Jesus has to be cool with it.