St. Louis Reddit Puts on a Baseball Play

Social news site Reddit’s St. Louis community put on a little impromptu play using numerous fake accounts the other day in the comments of a post to the site entitled “Reddit help! I am pitching and I can’t make an out!” by “RyanFranklin“, a account faked in homage of the recently released St. Louis Cardinals closer.

There’s really nothing else that we can do other than show you a (probably now slightly outdated) screenshot after the jump (it’s a long image). Read the comments and check the byline for the characters such as “JoseQuendo11”, “tonylarussa”, “Mark_McGwire”, “DelTacoBuilding” and “FrancisSlay”

Enjoy it in all it’s glory!

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Reddit User Creates iCal Calendar for Forest Park

mjschultz, a user on the popular news sharing site Reddit, that happens to have a pretty great little St. Louis section, decided to put together a handy little iCal Calendar for easy importing in to whatever it is you use (Google Calendar, Apple iCal, your 5 year old flip phone) so you won’t miss any of the cool stuff that goes down in Forest Park. I’m not sure how many people are interested in this, but I’ve made an iCal calendar file from the official list of events in Forest Park. [Read More]

Holy Crap, the Internet Might Have Found “Chris”!

Remember way back to yesterday? About those bitches who were talking about cheating on their boyfriend and then that awesome dude got them back like a super badass? Go check it out. We’ll wait. Have you ever seen a dog happier than this? Oh, your back. Lets continue. Well we have an update to that story, once again, courtesy of Reddit. Hey, How’s it going? I wanted to thank you for your craigslist post. [Read More]

The Internet Hate Machine Turns On Kurt Greenbaum

Maybe you saw our post yesterday about Kurt Greenbaum, the Post Dispatch’s Social Media Director and how he got a man fired because he posted a “vulgarity” on the comments of an STLToday article. If not, check it out, we go in to in detail there. In that post, I dropped this little pull quote, suitable for twittering and the like: …and then the internet skull-f*cked him. I was wrong. The internet populace hadn’t begun to skull f*ck him at that point. [Read More]