Lets All Vote Family Circus Out of the Post Dispatch Comics!

Every year the Post Dispatch lets the 134 old people waiting to die that still get the paper delivered to them vote in a poll to see what comic they cut out to keep things “lively”. Usually? Who cares right? However, this year we noticed a frequent target of our ire in the list: Family Circus. This is it Family Circus! You slipped up and got on the “kill” list and now we are going to make you pay. [Read More]

Post Dispatch to Raise Subscription Rates Soon

We hear the Post Dispatch is readying a price hike in its print subscription, which is both unsurprising and will be sure to annoy the Post’s subscribers who more than likely won’t understand the premium printing actual paper copies has now become. Though we don’t know the specific figures being bounced around, the current subscription price for a full week’s paper (including the Sunday issue) is just under $18 a month. [Read More]

Post Dispatch Steals Our Term With a Pretty Picture!

Excuse me, but what the f*ck is this shit?

“Poopstock?!” Oh man that’s clever! In fact it’s super freaking clever because we said, or “coined” it if you will, a full 4 days before this little drawing came out. (Here, here, here, here and here…oh and here) Mention? Credit? Nope.

Guess Kings of Leon aren’t the only ones that get shit on around here.

Screw this! We’re leaving! Some of this photo got in my mouth and now we’re done.

via …screw this. No more via’s for them!

One last thing, we made a drawing in response to this lovely little “Matson cartoon”. Click though the jump to see it.

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Charles Schmitz Thinks St. Louis City Should Eat St. Louis County

A recent opinion piece posted in the Post Dispatch recently is making the rounds. The piece, written by UMSL professor Charles D. Schmitz is entitled “St. Louis is a world-class city” it’s a well-written rah-rah piece that someone from another town might brush off as self-aggrandizing, it makes some pretty cogent points. The focus of the piece is one major issue: St. Louis City should swallow St. Louis County. Schmitz ran the data as if that was the case and came up with the following: [Read More]

Kurt Greenbaum Leaving STLToday For Greener Patch-ures?

You know how sometimes news people will put a question mark at the end of their headlines or, even more commonly, the TV news anchors will do the higher voice thing at the end of stuff before going to the break: “Are there too many fat people in St. Louis?!”, “People find Randy Naughton informative?!” This headline is just like those. The answer to the “question” we posed to ourselves is: Yes. [Read More]

Post Dispatch Moves Around People’s Jobs on “Pretend Any of This Matters” Day.

According to both the Riverfront Times and the Post-Dispatch, our local dead-tree news source is moving some people around slightly in their jobs. Initial speculation is that the Post Dispatch celebrated the internal holiday of “Pretend Any of This Matters” Day…or just needed to fill a little space on page 14 between the first ad and the other four. Most noticeable among those is the switch at City Hall where education reporter David Hunn will step in forJake Wagman who’s covered St. [Read More]

Post Dispatch Staff Loses Company Cell Phones

The slow march of a former media giant towards death can be sad to watch… Our source in the Post Dispatch tells us that the latest of the series of cost cutting measures is that all reporters, and even a few other positions, are losing their company paid cell phones. To be fair, our source did say that they will be reimbursing the staff for personal phone use, but in something that’s just too good to make up, the paper did suggest that the staff add as many business numbers to their “calling circles”. [Read More]

We Talk With the Man Behind KurtGreenbaumIsAPussy.com

We Talk With the Man Behind KurtGreenbaumIsAPussy.com
If you haven’t noticed by now, this Kurt Greenbaum story hasn’t gone away yet, and though we are trying to keep up-to-date on all the Greenbaum-iness of the internet, there is one place that has become the hub for all the coverage of this story, and part of the story itself: KurtGreenbaumIsAPussy.com (or for those with virgin ears: KurtGreenbaum.com) We recently traded emails with the anonymous operator of the site. Here is the interview: [Read More]