Plato, Missouri is the New Population Center

The 2010 Census data has been calculated and the government has announced that Plato, MO is the new “population center” of the United States. It sure sounds impressive, but what the hell does “population center” mean? The mean population center represents the point at which a perfectly flat and rigid map of the United States would balance perfectly if all 308.7 million residents weigh the same and are counted where they live. [Read More]

2010 Census: So It Seems People Do Hate Being Robbed, Mugged and Shot

Update: Yes, as pointed out in the comments and online, there are other reasons for the population drop: Schools being a big one, and the economy being another. However, crime seems the most universal and the worse, and more specific to St. Louis, so we focused on that. Original post follows… The 2010 Census numbers are in! Totally out! All kinds of numbers in them…big numbers…yup…lots. of. numbers. Ok, screw it. [Read More]

Race Map of St. Louis Based on Census Data Looks About Right

Eric Fischer was inspired by Bill Rankin’s Chicago map of racial and ethnic divides which took the recent Census data and dotted a city map with colored dots equaling groups of the same race…so he did the same thing for other cities. Not sure if this really counts as being “inspired”. “Thought that it was cool so I did the exact same thing.” might be closer. Below is Fischer’s map of St. [Read More]

Charles Schmitz Thinks St. Louis City Should Eat St. Louis County

A recent opinion piece posted in the Post Dispatch recently is making the rounds. The piece, written by UMSL professor Charles D. Schmitz is entitled “St. Louis is a world-class city” it’s a well-written rah-rah piece that someone from another town might brush off as self-aggrandizing, it makes some pretty cogent points. The focus of the piece is one major issue: St. Louis City should swallow St. Louis County. Schmitz ran the data as if that was the case and came up with the following: [Read More]

O’Fallon and St. Peters Missouri Are Government Kiss-ups

You know those douche bags nerds that always turned in all their homework and when you didn’t have a chance to yours done because you were a little busy with feeling the naughty bits of the opposite sex, they would make sure the teacher knew that they did their work and you didn’t. You just want to put your foot so far up their ass that you leave trademarks on their adam’s apple right? [Read More]

Mayor Challenges City to Mail in Census to Win Dumb Bet with Kansas City

Nothing like a bet no one knows or cares about with a city we are clearly better than on a field of play that probably ranks in the top 10 most boring bets of all time to get a city of people excited about something! In an effort to get Missourians excited about the 2010 Census, Mayor Slay and Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser have agreed on a friendly competition to see which City improves its Census mail-in response by the highest percentage from 2000-2010. [Read More]