Plato, Missouri is the New Population Center

The 2010 Census data has been calculated and the government has announced that Plato, MO is the new “population center” of the United States. It sure sounds impressive, but what the hell does “population center” mean? The mean population center represents the point at which a perfectly flat and rigid map of the United States would balance perfectly if all 308.7 million residents weigh the same and are counted where they live. [Read More]

2010 Census: So It Seems People Do Hate Being Robbed, Mugged and Shot

Update: Yes, as pointed out in the comments and online, there are other reasons for the population drop: Schools being a big one, and the economy being another. However, crime seems the most universal and the worse, and more specific to St. Louis, so we focused on that. Original post follows… The 2010 Census numbers are in! Totally out! All kinds of numbers in them…big numbers…yup…lots. of. numbers. Ok, screw it. [Read More]

Downtown Population Grows 3%

The “Partnership for Downtown St. Louis” released numbers that say the population of downtown St. Louis grew 3% in the last six months. Downtown residents grew from 11,997 as of Dec. 31 to 12,409 at the end of June, according to the report. The survey includes information on all housing within the 2.95-square-mile downtown area, bounded roughly by Chouteau on the south, Cass Avenue on the north, the Mississippi River to the east and Jefferson Avenue to the west. [Read More]

Guy With Vested Interests Says Population Rising Downtown

“Civic Leader” Jim Cloar of the Downtown St. Louis Partnership says that about 600 new people moved to downtown St. Louis over the last year. Hmm, ok. So it seems like thats an easy statement to just throw out there especially when you clearly have a vested interest in downtown sucking less. I mean maybe its true…but its hard to believe a guy coming from his place. Well look, maybe he just said it quietly to a reporter or something…it wasn’t making a big deal out of it. [Read More]