Mayor Challenges City to Mail in Census to Win Dumb Bet with Kansas City

Nothing like a bet no one knows or cares about with a city we are clearly better than on a field of play that probably ranks in the top 10 most boring bets of all time to get a city of people excited about something!

In an effort to get Missourians excited about the 2010 Census, Mayor Slay and Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser have agreed on a friendly competition to see which City improves its Census mail-in response by the highest percentage from 2000-2010.

The losing Mayor will have to send the winner a case of his hometown’s favorite beer and most delicious barbeque.

If I screwed around with dumb crap like this at my job at the banging hot chicks factory, I would be fired in no time.

Really? Really?  This is your best plan to get people “excited” about the 2010 Census? This is it? …all you could come up with?  What moron is dumb enough to fall for this and basically post the stupid as press release somewhere…oh the Globe Democrat is:

The last mail participation update and the challenge winner will be announced on May 3, 2010. Let’s make sure that St. Louis beats Kansas City in the 2010 Census Challenge!


Why don’t we just go ahead and send in our census forms but go ahead and let KC win this one and we can just keep on winning better “contests” like…

  1. The city people think of when someone says “Name a city in Missouri!”

  2. The winner of the Rick Ankiel version of Old Maid.

  3. City name that doesn’t make people confused as to what state you are in.

  4. Better monument.

  5. More stabbings.