Two Brothers Get Heart Attacks at the Same Time

Two Poplar Bluff brothers went in to cardiac arrest at virtually the exact same time right next to one another.

When Crocket Lacy went into cardiac arrest, he was lucky his brother, Ronnie, was there.

Then Ronnie had his own heart attack. Both men were taken to a Poplar Bluff hospital emergency room, where both of their hearts stopped virtually simultaneously.

Both were saved, but doctors are still amazed at the coincidence of two brothers going “code blue” at the same time.

One called the other because he didn’t feel well, and when brother #2 got to brother #1’s house brother #1 went in to cardiac arrest.  By the time the family got to the hospital, brother #2 arrested…all while a third brother stood there watching it all waiting for the lightning bolt to take him out.

Oh and if you were wondering if the the weak-hearted brothers were thinking about pressing charges on statistically odd occurances, don’t because the Post Dispatch is there to ask the questions no one wants answered already!

The near-simultaneous heart attacks appeared to be an unlucky coincidence, and police said they weren’t investigating.

…all while their two wives sat in the corner with their matching top hats and twirling their matching mustaches.

Both brothers are recovering by the way.

[Brother #1] had triple-bypass surgery and was well enough to celebrate his 48th birthday on March 5.

[Brother #2] condition was more serious but he is improving. Eric said [Brother #2] was on life-support for a while. His kidneys still aren’t functioning properly.

via STLToday