Illinois Wants Four Day School Weeks, Apparently Hates Parents

The Illinois Senate is currently mulling over a move that would make all Illinois State public schools to go from the standard five-day school week to the severely retarded idea of a four-day school week.

The Illinois senate is considering a measure that would change the current five-day school week into a four-day week for public school students.

The proposal has already received approval in the Illinois House.

Over the past few years, similar legislation has been presented by Missouri lawmakers but all have been rejected.

The reason given for the proposed four-day school week would be the savings that would be earned with a fewer day of transportation and electricity citing that a Illinois district recently had to let go of 54 teachers.

Now I’ve heard they do math differently in Illinois, on accounting of their sixth finger, but even still something doesn’t add up.

They seem to be ignoring the other effects a four-day week would have on the school ecosystem. Since we’re pretty sure that no one is going to shorten the average person’s work week to match their child’s, welcome to another day you have to pay for daycare low income Daddy that is barely making ends meet as it is!  Also, unless the four remaining days increase in length, that means the school will also be “saving” the money from Mr. Oldveitnamvet the creep janitor that mops really really slowly, and has ear hair as thick as shrubbery, since he more than likely gets paid by the hour.  Same goes for the Mrs. Giantwartonherface the lunch lady and Ms. Theresnowayanyoneismarryingme the bus driver. Not only that, but we hardly doubt the savings from electricity and gas alone would be enough to offset the costs of 54 teacher salaries, meaning you can’t say this move would have helped them.

The fact is your job as a school is to teach kids during the work week and prepare them for life. If you can’t even keep the doors open for 5 days a week, where does it end? Once a week middle school lock-in-style “cram sessions”?

via KSDK