Top Twenty Isn’t Bad: St. Louis Metro Ranked 18th in Population

In the last pseudo-official yearly tally before we get the numbers from the 2010 census form you are filling out as we speak, St. Louis clocked as the 18th most populated metro area. Just above Tampa, FL and just below San Diego, CA…two cities that we would rather be than here.

We thought this would be a good time to celebrate other 18’s like…

The 18th President, Ulysses S. Grant

The 18th Amendment, which of course started the prohibition.

The 18th letter of the alphabet: R.  Solid letter.

I was going to make this a list of 18, 18 things, but you know what…screw that, there’s porn to be watching.  Maybe I’ll watch 18 of those…with 27 year old girls they will say their only 18.  Works out perfectly.

via St. Louis Business Journal

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